• Dashboard Sprinting 5 September 2014
    This week Christian, Ralf and Myself spent sprinting the dashboard to a state we can have alpha-testers use it. We decided to set up a test-instance of the CNDB for our friends at FunkFeuer Graz to get useful input from them on how to push the dashboard forwards. Right now the dashboard not only looks […] […]
  • Rise of Network Commons Part 2 (Draft) 5 September 2014
    Rise of Network Commons Part 2 (Draft) has been published. It deals with the early history of Consume and Free2air.org http://www.thenextlayer.org/node/1233 […]
    Armin Medosch
  • Rise of the Network Commons,Part 1 (draft) 8 August 2014
    The Rise of the Network Commons is the working title of a new book which I am currently writing. It returns to the topos of the wireless commons on which I worked during the early 2000s. In this new version, combining original research from my German book Freie Netze (2004) and new research conducted in […] […]
    Armin Medosch
  • FFM refactoring 14 July 2014
    Up to now, the FFM repository comprised the common node database model and stuff specific to Funkfeuer Wien. That’s a less than ideal structure to support use of the common node database model by other community networks. To improve the reusability of the common node database model, Ralf and I decided to split the FFM […] […]


Large-scale integrating project (IP) Community networks are an emerging and successful model for the Future Internet across Europe and far beyond.The CONFINE project complements existing FIRE infrastructure by establishing a new facility built on the federation of existing community IP networks constituted by more than 20,000 nodes and 20,000 Km of links. These community networks incorporate a large and wide variety of commodity wireless and optical links, heterogeneous nodes, different routing protocols, applications and a large number of end-users, following an innovative model of self-provisioning using unlicensed and public spectrum.The project develops a unified access to an open testbed with tools that allow researchers to deploy, run, monitor and experiment with services, protocols and applications on real-world community IP networks. This integrated platform will provide user-friendly access to these emerging networks supporting any stakeholder interested in developing and testing experimental technologies for open and interoperable network infrastructures, strengthening open community networks. This type of networks is an emerging and successful model for the Future Internet across Europe and beyond. The project includes as partners well established community networks with large end-user bases and diverse application providers (e.g. content distribution, voice, data and multimedia communication), research institutions with experience in key related areas, non-profit organizations and SMEs with experience in supporting researchers, community networks and end-users.Open call: a new open call with project funding was open from September 2 closing (Extended to November 14) October 19, 2013 to use and expand our community networking testbed (Community-Lab) by external research groups, and also by other community networks. Details of our work in the project wiki. Events we organize: