Videos and community networks

December 2014: Building Communities of Commons. Trailer of a documentary on Networks in the Sarantaporo area

August 2014: Open Network in Wales: Open Network Academy in Gellideg Merthyr Tydfil

Open Networks Academy. Interview Nicolas Giles

February 2014: Internet Universe. Building the network. Workshop with Efraín Foglia

November 2013: European Development Days 2013

December 2011: Chaos Communication Congress 28c3 TEDxMadrid2012

Freifunk: Introduction

Guifi Extremadura: Introducción

Wireless Summit in Barcelona 2012:

Wireless Summit in Barcelona 2012

Wireless Summit in Barcelona 2012 video

More details:

Guifi in the Raval as part of a district development plan:

Guifi (report on ArteTV): interview

Talk Guifi-Internet for all:

Guifi-Internet for all

Talk Guifi-Internet for all