CNBuB 2015 workshop impressions

CNBuB 2015  in its 4th edition was held in August 26, 2015 in Rome.

We had the presentation of 6 papers addressing the network and service level of community networks:

  1. Experimental Evaluation of BMX6 Routing Metrics in a 802.11an Wireless Community Mesh Network
    Llorenç Cerdà, Alabern, Axel Neumann and Leonardo Maccari
  2. Federation tools: An Island Connectivity Experiment with Community-Lab
    Gerard Marin, Leandro Navarro, Bart Braem and Chris Blondia
  3. Multicast Performance Comparison of SMF and ODMRP using the CONFINE Testbed
    Jonathan Kirchhoff, Julia Niewiejska, Christoph Fuchs, Christoph Barz and Henning Rogge
  4. Comparing Community Networks to the Internet: an empirical Study of BGP Behaviour
    Bart Braem, Johan Bergs and Chris Blondia
  5. Tracking and Predicting End-to-End Quality in Wireless Community Networks
    Pere Millan, Carlos Molina, Emmanouil Dimogerontakis Leandro Navarro, Roc Meseguer, Bart Braem and Chris Blondia
  6. Stream Processing in Community Network Clouds
    Ken Danniswara, Hooman Peiro Sajjad, Ahmad Al-Shishtawy and Vladimir Vlassov

The workshop was co-located with FiCloud 2015.

Around 25 conference participants attended the CNBuB 2015.

See below some pictures from the workshop.

main-img016  main-img015

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