• Dashboard Sprinting 5 September 2014
    This week Christian, Ralf and Myself spent sprinting the dashboard to a state we can have alpha-testers use it. We decided to set up a test-instance of the CNDB for our friends at FunkFeuer Graz to get useful input from them on how to push the dashboard forwards. Right now the dashboard not only looks […] […]
  • Rise of Network Commons Part 2 (Draft) 5 September 2014
    Rise of Network Commons Part 2 (Draft) has been published. It deals with the early history of Consume and Free2air.org http://www.thenextlayer.org/node/1233 […]
    Armin Medosch
  • Rise of the Network Commons,Part 1 (draft) 8 August 2014
    The Rise of the Network Commons is the working title of a new book which I am currently writing. It returns to the topos of the wireless commons on which I worked during the early 2000s. In this new version, combining original research from my German book Freie Netze (2004) and new research conducted in […] […]
    Armin Medosch
  • FFM refactoring 14 July 2014
    Up to now, the FFM repository comprised the common node database model and stuff specific to Funkfeuer Wien. That’s a less than ideal structure to support use of the common node database model by other community networks. To improve the reusability of the common node database model, Ralf and I decided to split the FFM […] […]

Project partners

Open call 1, from February 2013 for 1 year, with list of activities

Open call 2, From February/March 2014, with list of activities

Advisory board: Jo-Philipp Wich (DE), Sascha Meinrath (USA), Marek Lindner (DE).