• two new chapters 27 May 2015
    Hi All, This chapter had been a stump. It has been substantially reworked and enlarged and has received the new title “Free Networks Between Countryside and City, between North and South“ The second part is completely new and contains an interview with Confine open-call-participant Carlos Rey-Moreno, Western Cape University http://www.thenextlayer.org/node/1306 This chapter had perviously been […]
  • Towards the Network Commons (Conclusions) 23 May 2015
    Hi All, this is for the time being the last chapter of my draft book on the network commons (I will now return to previous chapters and revise them) This draft chapter summarizes my findings. Based on a recent trip to Germany, where vibrant new communities have triggered discussions about what makes the essence of […]
  • Book Project Rise of the Network Commons (Update) 8 May 2015
    In April I have worked on the concept and structure of the book. I have changed the chapter structure and introduced a new sub-chapter on rural wireless and wireless community networks in underdeveloped regions. I have conducted research on wireless community networks in poor countries and I have evaluated a number of interviews, among them […]
  • Optimize database performance 8 May 2015
    In April 2015, Ralf motivated me to look at the performance of database queries. Playing with the postgresql parameter log_min_duration_statement and looking at the resulting log entries identified some queries ripe for optimizations. Optimize pid_query for SAW sqlalchemy wrapper Use type information, if available, to optimize pid_query For unknown types, query for type_name first, then […]

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Open call 1, from February 2013 for 1 year, with list of activities

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Advisory board: Jo-Philipp Wich (DE), Sascha Meinrath (USA), Marek Lindner (DE).