• Network Commons Part 3 17 October 2014
    This chapter starts out with a summary of the achievements of Consume.net, London and then traces the development of this idea, how it was spread, picked up, transformed by communities in Germany, Denmark and Austria. The internationalisation of the free network project also saw significant innovations and contributions, developing a richer and more sustaina
    Armin Medosch
  • September sprint 6 October 2014
    In the first week of September, Mihi, Ralf and me did a sprint on the CNDB. Mihi did a lot of work on the dashboard, Ralf improved the converter for the old database of Funkfeuer Graz and worked on IP allocation. I fixed several bugs of the dashboard, some of which had been introduced by […] […]
  • Working on the financial reporting 2 October 2014
    We are working on getting the financial reporting for Y3 done.   […]
  • Special session on community networks and services in GECON 2015 24 September 2014
    We presented in GECON 2014 a paper on the participatory analysis in Guifi, in order to raise a discussion on how community clouds need to be designed regarding their economic and social components. You can find our paper [...] […]

Project partners

Open call 1, from February 2013 for 1 year, with list of activities

Open call 2, From February/March 2014, with list of activities

Advisory board: Jo-Philipp Wich (DE), Sascha Meinrath (USA), Marek Lindner (DE).

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