Frequently Asked Questions Confine Open Call 1


1. Should we submit proposals via email to

No. Submissions should be sent to:  You will receive an automatic reply.
Questions on the open call should be sent to

2. Does the envisioned funding of 50KEuro per experiment apply to requested EC contribution?

Yes, it refers to requested EC contribution.

3. Is there a Word template we can use to prepare the proposal (apart from Annex 1 in pdf guide for applicants).

Yes, there is a Word template. In Download DOC from the “Guide for applicants (DOC or PDF format)”. Annex I of the Guide for applicants is the proposal format.

4. Do you have an example of how an experiment could be deployed on the CONFINE testbed?

We have an example in form of a tutorial for the setup and deployment of an experiment in the Wiki of the Confine project.

5. Any more information about Community-Lab ?

Yes, recent papers about aspects of the testbed and community networks:

  • Navarro, L, Escrich P, Baig R, Neumann A. 2012. Community-Lab: Overview and Invitation to the Research Community. IEEE International Conference on Peer-to-Peer Computing.
  • Neumann, A, Vilata I, León X, Escrich P, Navarro L, López E. 2012. Community-Lab: Architecture of a Community Networking Testbed for the Future Internet. International Workshop on Community Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB 2012).
  • Vega, D, Cerdà-Alabern L, Navarro L, Messeguer R. 2012. Topology patterns of a community network: International Workshop on Community Networks and Bottom-up-Broadband (CNBuB 2012).

Here is a list of our publications.

6. What is the recommended page length of the proposal ?

Clarity is always more important than length, and it facilitates the review process. However, regarding recommended limits:

For section 1, scientific and/or technical quality, relevant to the topics addressed by the call,  we recommend ten pages as the maximum length. This limit does not include the Gantt chart, Pert diagram or tables 1.2 of section 1.

For section 2, implementation, we recommend for 2.1 (Participant) a maximum length of two pages per participant, and for 2.2 (Resources to be committed) a maximum length of two pages.

For section 3, impact, we recommend six pages as the maximum length.