A selection of the most relevant publications in Community Networking

Following is a list of recent and most cited papers on “community wireless networks”.


Community Networks in Europe and CONFINE

What are community owned networks?

Community network is a term used broadly to indicate the use of networking technologies by, and for, a local community. A community network is a computer-based system that is intended to help support geographical communities by supporting, augmenting, and extending already existing social networks.

Community owned networks in Europe:

Guifi.net: […]

CONFINE participates in the FunkFeuer testing days

Wien, Austria Sat, 15.10.2011, 10:00 – 22:00; Sun, 16.10.2011, 10:00 – 17:00

When introducing a new software generation (0xFF-Backfire Vienna) it is crucial to maintain compatibility with existing devices and configurations. The goal of these testing days goal is to prove the compatibility of the new software with the existing devices (hard- and software compatibility […]

1st European Dialogue on Platforms for Collective Awareness and Action

Brussels, September 9, 2001. It focused on online tools allowing individual expression, participation, creation of collective knowledge and situational awareness, which are already enablers of creativity and entrepreneurship for a growing number of networks of individuals, enterprises, non-profit organizations, local and global institutions.

Our presentation:

Leandro Navarro, UPC, CONFINE: the role of community […]

Community networking start working on a new research project

Athens (Greece), October 1st. A European wide consortium starts working on a significant research project into community communications networks. They are community networking activists, researchers, and other experts from Belgium, Spain, Germany, Greece and the UK and is being co-ordinated by the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Spain.