• NetJSON to UCI config 6 October 2015
    The power of NetJSON can be seen here: how to convert NetJSON to UCI (openwrt) config files: http://nemesisdesign.net/blog/coding/netjsonconfig-convert-netjson-to-openwrt-uci/. […]
  • NetJSON is being picked up by others 16 September 2015
    Nice news on twitter: “We started to work on netjsonconfig, a library which converts #NetJSON to #OpenWRT UCI format: http://bit.ly/1igXpPt ”   […]
  • CNBuB 2015 workshop impressions 16 September 2015
    CNBuB 2015 in its 4th edition was held in August 26, 2015 in Rome. We had the presentation of 6 papers addressing the network and service level of community networks: Experimental Evaluation of BMX6 Routing Metrics in a 802.11an Wireless Community Mesh Network Llorenç Cerdà, Alabern, Axel Neumann and Leonardo Maccari Federation tools: An [...] […]
  • Summer Course at Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia 10 September 2015
    In July 2015 CONFINE has participated in a project promoted by the Centre de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament de la UPC consisting in a course of 30 hours entitled Linux Routers and Community Networks, and deploying a WiFi mesh network in the Campus of Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia. In the following link there is […]

Call to fund experiments from SME (Fed4FIRE)

Community-Lab is part of the Fed4FIRE federated testbeds. As part of that there’s a call to fund experiments from SME (typically European but other countries may apply). See below. You can get up to 25,000 € with a quite lightweight application.

2ndFed4FIRE competitive call for SME Experimenters – An instrument for SME’s to get involved in FIRE activities
Get involved in Future Internet … Get access to advanced Future Internet testbeds … Get funding for running your own experiments on these testbeds…

Fed4FIRE has just launched its 2nd Open Call specifically targeting SMEs using a simplified and fast application and review process. The major objective of this Open SME Call 2 is to make the federated infrastructure easier and more directly available for execution of innovative experiments by experimenters at SMEs. These experiments should be of a short duration (maximum 4 months) and should demonstrate technological expertise, novelty and quality in the area of Future Internet (e.g. in domains such as wired and wireless IP networks, cloud computing, software defined networks and innovative Internet services).

The SME experimenters should seek contact with the Fed4FIRE consortium partners prior to submitting their proposal for a feasibility check of the project. One of the Fed4FIRE partners will also act as a “Patron” during the execution of the experiment and will receive an additional funding of up to 10k to provide direct support to the SME.
Max. funding request per experiment of € 25 000 (+€ 10 000 for Fed4FIRE partner acting as “patron”)

Submission deadline: 30 October 2014, at 17:00 Brussels local time

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