• NetJSON to UCI config 6 October 2015
    The power of NetJSON can be seen here: how to convert NetJSON to UCI (openwrt) config files: http://nemesisdesign.net/blog/coding/netjsonconfig-convert-netjson-to-openwrt-uci/. […]
  • NetJSON is being picked up by others 16 September 2015
    Nice news on twitter: “We started to work on netjsonconfig, a library which converts #NetJSON to #OpenWRT UCI format: http://bit.ly/1igXpPt ”   […]
  • CNBuB 2015 workshop impressions 16 September 2015
    CNBuB 2015 in its 4th edition was held in August 26, 2015 in Rome. We had the presentation of 6 papers addressing the network and service level of community networks: Experimental Evaluation of BMX6 Routing Metrics in a 802.11an Wireless Community Mesh Network Llorenç Cerdà, Alabern, Axel Neumann and Leonardo Maccari Federation tools: An [...] […]
  • Summer Course at Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia 10 September 2015
    In July 2015 CONFINE has participated in a project promoted by the Centre de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament de la UPC consisting in a course of 30 hours entitled Linux Routers and Community Networks, and deploying a WiFi mesh network in the Campus of Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia. In the following link there is […]

Open call for experiments and expansion of Community-Lab

CONFINE has a new open call for participation. The deadline for application is October 19, 2013. We are looking for:

  • i) experiments relevant to community networks that make use of the existing Community-Lab testbed.
  • ii) expansion of the Community-Lab testbed over other community networks that bring added value to the testbed.

A total of up to 750,000 € of funding is available for projects with a level of funding per proposal normally be in the order of EUR 50,000 to 100,000€. Participation is open for any organisation from any country in the world (according to the participation rules in FP7 projects). More details about the call.

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