• Update to existing story 27 March 2015
    Today, just a small update to the existing story, with more material on mesh. „The sleeping beauty of mesh has been kissed into life by the community,“ explains Elektra in her book. The community has made it possible to have decentral wireless networks which connect small local cells, automatically connected by intelligent software. (p. 15) […]
  • Brussels meeting 23rd, 24th of March 2015 25 March 2015
    I was at the CONFINE plenary meeting in the city of chocolate (albeit the swiss might disagree on this statement) and we had some very good discussions on how to make sure the results of CONFINE carry on to the wider world. One thought I learned over the course of the project: while the geeks and […]
  • 4th CNBuB in Rome, Italy, August 24-26, 2015, colocated with FiCloud 2015 16 March 2015
    4th CNBuB with FiCloud 2015 The forth edition of our CNBuB workshop is colocated with FiCloud 2015. It will take place in Rome, Italy, between 24-26 of August, 2015. This year the CfP of CNBuB has been extended with more emphasis on services in community networks. http://research.ac.upc.edu/CNBuB2015/ We encourage you to consider CNBuB for [...] […]
  • more feedback from Graz 15 March 2015
    …getting very very good feedback from Graz: https://github.com/FunkFeuer/Graz/issues […]

Relevance of the Wireless Summit for CONFINE

Barcelona,Spain, 4-7th of October 2012

The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks was held at the Technical University of Catalonia from 4-7th of October 2012. The summit brought together community network activists from all over the world, with more then hundred participants attending the summit.

The CONFINE project was presented in one of the sessions and the possiblity of participation through CONFINE’s first Open Call was explained to the audience.

Now, approximately one month after the Wireless Summit, we can confirm our perception of an increased interest from wireless communities to participate in CONFINE’s Open Call. Since these communities are not easily reached by the usually call dissemination media that target academic and industrial organizations, we consider that, in addition to opening up roadmaps and collaborations, the Wireless Summit was particularly helpful to spread CONFINE’s first Open Call to the community networks.


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