• NetJSON to UCI config 6 October 2015
    The power of NetJSON can be seen here: how to convert NetJSON to UCI (openwrt) config files: http://nemesisdesign.net/blog/coding/netjsonconfig-convert-netjson-to-openwrt-uci/. […]
  • NetJSON is being picked up by others 16 September 2015
    Nice news on twitter: “We started to work on netjsonconfig, a library which converts #NetJSON to #OpenWRT UCI format: http://bit.ly/1igXpPt ”   […]
  • CNBuB 2015 workshop impressions 16 September 2015
    CNBuB 2015 in its 4th edition was held in August 26, 2015 in Rome. We had the presentation of 6 papers addressing the network and service level of community networks: Experimental Evaluation of BMX6 Routing Metrics in a 802.11an Wireless Community Mesh Network Llorenç Cerdà, Alabern, Axel Neumann and Leonardo Maccari Federation tools: An [...] […]
  • Summer Course at Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia 10 September 2015
    In July 2015 CONFINE has participated in a project promoted by the Centre de Cooperació per al Desenvolupament de la UPC consisting in a course of 30 hours entitled Linux Routers and Community Networks, and deploying a WiFi mesh network in the Campus of Mekelle Institute of Technology, Ethiopia. In the following link there is […]

International Summit for Community Wireless Networks

CALL FOR PROPOSALS — Deadline May 31, 2012

International Summit for Community Wireless Networks
October 4-7, 2012
Barcelona, Spain

The International Summit for Community Wireless Networks (IS4CWN) brings together leading technology experts, policy analysts, on-the-ground specialists, and university researchers working on state-of-the-art community broadband projects. Since the first Summit in 2004, tens of thousands of community and municipal broadband networks have been deployed around the globe. The 2012 IS4CWN in Barcelona, Spain, offers panelists the opportunity to shape the direction of this thriving global movement.

Arab Spring and the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have brought the importance of mesh wireless to the forefront of global political consciousness. As a result, we have seen an explosion in the development of and enthusiasm for community networks and mobile mesh. 2012 is a critical year to catalyze the explosion of community networking organizations and create shared technology, policy, and public education goals. Over the course of the Summit, the meetings and workshops at IS4CWN help participants formulate strategic plans, implement new development roadmaps, and coordinate implementation and R&D efforts.

Interested presenters should propose panels and workshops focusing on the three themes for the Summit: technology, policy, and implementation. Proposals can include demonstrations of software innovation, success stories of network deployment, presentations of ongoing research and discussion of municipal and governmental collaboration on both the national and transnational levels, or additional related topics. Panelists are encouraged to convene panels that look at specific issues from multiple angles and perspectives. Past panels can be reviewed at http://wirelesssummit.org.

Panel ideas will be accepted on a rolling basis and must be received no later than May 31, 2012. Please send panel proposals of 250 words or less to: coordination at wirelesssummit.org.

Travel stipends are available for speakers with financial need. If you would like to request travel support, please be sure to mention so in your proposal — panels are accepted on a need-blind basis. As ever, please feel free to contact the organization with any questions you may have.

Faith and the rest of the IS4CWN 2012 organizing team.

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